Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wilfred (US)

Wilfred is a rather unique concept for a TV show. It features a talking dog played by a man. This sounds a little silly at first but it is well worth a watch.

The dog is played by Jason Gann who also stared in the original Wilfred series from Australia. The other star is Elijah Wood who you may recognise from the Lord Of The Rings. I have seen the Australian version too and have to say I prefer the US one. It is well polished and better acted.

The story lines follow Wood’s character. He is having some issues in his life and is now basically a jobless hermit. Wilfred becomes his friend and they smoke weed and chill out together. Wilfred is a fantastic character and gets Wood into all sorts of trouble.

The story lines can be pretty dark but it is all in good fun. There are occasional lighthearted ‘dog jokes’ which are very welcome, for example Wilfred can’t help but go crazy chasing around after a laser pen. Wilfred is a rogue and this bad behaviour is hilarious when combined with his K9 instincts.