Thursday, September 13, 2012

The League review

The League review
The League is a show about a group of guys in their late 30s who indulge in their own fantasy football league. As a Brit who knows nothing about American football I found that the "sport talk" didn't need to be understood. This is a comedy show, so it is unlikely that the football is meant to be an essential part.

There are one or two familiar faces in the line up. The characters are all kind of middle of the road. By that I mean this is neither a silly or extreme comedy show. Some viewers may find it a bit tame. It doesn't really pack a punch and I feel like I have already forgotten most of the stories. Nevertheless it is a decent watch.

This is a semi-scripted TV show which explains why the comedy isn't flowing like in FX's other hit Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia. In fact the reason I started on this s because it was on the same channel as Its Always Sunny. Unfortunately there are no similarities. This gets a pretty average rating from me, perhaps American football or fantasy league fans will enjoy it more?

My rating 2.5 stars out of 5.

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