Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Seinfeld review

Seinfeld review
This blog wouldn't be complete without a Seinfeld review. This is the granddaddy of sitcoms and an essential buy for any comedy fans. Jerry Seinfeld is the star and he plays himself with close friends Elaine, George and neighbor Kramer. There are a whopping 9 seasons with each containing 20+ episodes, so this is one to keep you busy for a long time.

The comedy is excellent with little mini plots each week. It makes very easy watching and there are times when I must of watched 10 22 minute episodes in a day. On the other hand it can feel a little tame sometimes with the same characters doing the same sorts of jokes. For example George saying something silly which ruins his job or a relationship. You can't fault the quality and consistency though.

In terms of laughs, this is more of a chuckle program rather than one which will have you laughing uncontrollably. But every episode is crammed with entertainment. I can't think of a single bad episode or dull moment. The jokes just keep on flowing, even if they aren't always hilarious Kramer will pop up and do something weird and wacky. Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm is a producer/creator of the show and fans of his more recent series will love this. 

My rating 5 stars out of 5.

For some reason I can't embed any of the Youtube clips for this show, so here is a clip from one of  Jerry's live shows (which you get clips of in the sitcom episodes):

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wilfred review (US version)

Wilfred review US
Wilfred was originally an Australian show. It was highly acclaimed and got a big budget remake in the US. So far I have only seen one episode of the Australian version which wasn't as polished and well acted as the US version. I will get around to watching and reviewing it at some point, but so far the US version has been a much easier watch.

Wilfred is a unique concept. The lead character is played by Elijah Wood of Lord of the Rings fame. He plays a slightly messed up bachelor struggling to deal with the realities of his work and social life. His neighbor has a dog (Wilfred) and only he can see a human version of this dog. To everyone else it is a normal pet. The two become friends and Wilfred gets him into all sorts of trouble.

The first season is very entertaining with good acting, story lines and lots of "dog jokes" like Wilfred uncontrollably running after a laser pointer. I would highly recommend season one to any comedy fans. It is a nice slice of something different. Season two was a big let down for me. It was more of the same but the theme felt worn. Basically Wilfred continues to get "wimpy" Elijah in trouble and it is the same old tussle between the two. I found the second season tedious and far less fun to watch.

My rating 3 stars out of 5.

note: I'd give the first season a solid 4 stars and the second a poor 2 stars.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The League Of Gentlemen review

The League of Gentlemen review
The League Of Gentlemen is a British comedy of epic proportions. Like most shows from the UK, it only ran for a short time (3 seasons) with a low amount of episodes each time (6). It is the creation of four very talented individuals, 3 of whom star in the show. They each play a variety of odd characters in the fictional small town of Royston Vasey.

The first season is my favourite. It is jam packed with the best characters and jokes. The second season gets a little more story based with the introduction of new characters. The third is a mixed bunch as the creators try to keep things fresh with individual stories in each episode. The one about the arm transplant is perhaps my least favourite episode in this final season.

There is also a selection of additional material available including a Christmas special which is similar in format to the third season. Then there is the movie which is a fantastic concept where the characters realise they are in a TV programme and their world crumbles. There are also 2 live shows available on DVD which are excellent. The pantomime format is a brilliant light hearted concept.

This is a classic comedy and one of the best I have ever seen. The writers deserve credit for creating something which is completely unique and groundbreaking. Although it isn't perfect, especially in the latter parts, the characters are amazing and the comedy hilarious.

My rating 4.5 stars out of 5.


The League review

The League review
The League is a show about a group of guys in their late 30s who indulge in their own fantasy football league. As a Brit who knows nothing about American football I found that the "sport talk" didn't need to be understood. This is a comedy show, so it is unlikely that the football is meant to be an essential part.

There are one or two familiar faces in the line up. The characters are all kind of middle of the road. By that I mean this is neither a silly or extreme comedy show. Some viewers may find it a bit tame. It doesn't really pack a punch and I feel like I have already forgotten most of the stories. Nevertheless it is a decent watch.

This is a semi-scripted TV show which explains why the comedy isn't flowing like in FX's other hit Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia. In fact the reason I started on this s because it was on the same channel as Its Always Sunny. Unfortunately there are no similarities. This gets a pretty average rating from me, perhaps American football or fantasy league fans will enjoy it more?

My rating 2.5 stars out of 5.

Better Off Ted review

Better Off Ted reviewBetter Off Ted was a good idea for a show and it was excellent for the first season. However it soon became apparent that the idea was limited and the second series became tedious. The show has now been cancelled.

Better Off Ted is set in the headquarters of a large company who brings innovative products to the world. Ted is the main character and he plays the staff manager. He deals with the big boss who is played brilliantly by Portia De Rossi from Arrested Development fame. He also deals with the geeky scientists and others.

"the first season was a great watch, the second an effort to get through"

It is a quirky show and quite lightweight in themes. This makes it an enjoyable, easy watch. The lack of variety is ultimately what let this one down. My advice is to certainly watch the first season, but skip the second.

My rating 2.5 stars out of 5.