Monday, August 27, 2012

Trailer Park Boys review

Trailer Park Boys is the first Canadian comedy series I have watched.  This review gets the site off to a good start as I rate this very highly. It follows a group of guys who live on a poor trailer park. They are followed by a fly on the wall camera crew (like in The Office). These guys are drunk, jobless criminals. They battle with the trailer park supervisor over silly issues. Each episode sees them get into a new scheme or situation.

Trailer Park Boys review
The stories aren't what make this a great TV show. It is the excellent characters which are realistic and well observed. Although it is an exaggeration of real life, it does feel quite real, which is enhanced by the filming style.

The main stars are Julian who is quite level headed and Ricky who is basically a meat head. Ricky brings most of the laughs, especially when he insults the likes of Mr Lahey, the park supervisor. Ricky often talks to the camera too which can be hilarious when he gets his words wrong (see the clip below). Julian's recurring jokes is that he always has a drink in his hand, even in action situations. I don't know why but that joke just never wears off.

After season one the character Bubbles starts to get more and more air time. This is great as he is amusing and his level headed vibes allow Julian to go off the rails more. Mr Lahey also gets a sidekick in Randy, the shirtless assistant park supervisor with a big beer belly. There are plenty of supporting characters who all do a good job too, especially the white rapper J Roc.

The show is full of silly little plots which work brilliantly in the fly on the wall documentary style. It looks very low budget which is fine. The specials and movies aren't as good as the actual show itself. However once you have watched all of the episodes you will surely be ready for more. With plenty of material to watch, this show is a winner. It doesn't have the polished quality of something like Seinfeld but it is still essential viewing.

My rating 4 stars out of 5.